Toronto startup jobs

Cool Toronto startup & ecommerce jobs. 250+ curated companies. Updated weekly.

Dot Health

A simple and secure way to access all your personal health data.

Knix Wear

Modern athletic seamless underwear for women.

OnCall Health

The simple, secure platform for better healthcare relationships.


High quality study resources from the best students in your class.


Technology-driven corporate catering and delivery service.

Tokyo Smoke

Toronto's cannabis retail and ecommerce lifestyle brand.


Launching retail spaces from the ground up.

Toronto startup jobs

Cool Toronto startup & ecommerce jobs. 250+ curated companies. Updated weekly.


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Toronto startup jobs

Cool Toronto startup & ecommerce jobs. 250+ curated companies. Updated weekly.

Q: Why is TO 9 TO 5 better than other job sites?

A: Most of the coolest job opportunities in Toronto live on the Jobs page of the respective company hiring, andย nowhere else.

Our lists bring those and other job posts into one convenient place.

Other job boards only post openings that were submitted to them by the hiring companies, and donโ€™t provide a comprehensive(-ish) picture of cool job opportunities in Toronto like we do.

Q: How do you select which cool companies to list?

A: Personal opinion combined with a decade in the Toronto job market.

Most companies fall into one or more of the following categories: Tech, Lifestyle, Finance, Fashion, Gaming, Food, Sports, Health or Science.

Consultants and agencies are not considered for our lists, nor will they be in the future, sorry!

Q: Why isnโ€™t X company listed?

A: Not cool enough/not hiring.

Q: Do companies pay you to get listed?

A: No! 100% of the jobs on this site come from publicly-available listings.

None of our listed companies is paying us a dime - all actual revenue comes from monthly Premium subscriptions.

Q: Are my monthly Premium subscription payments secure?

A: Yes! TO 9 TO 5 usesย Let's Encryptย httpsย on the web andย Stripeย for all payments.

Q: Will my employer somehow find out Iโ€™m a subscriber?

A: Absolutely not! Your privacy is super important, and we have no formal relationship with any of the companies listed.

MailChimpย is responsible for the emails sent to our mailing lists being delivered in a secure manner, and customer records are kept and protected inย Stripe.

TO 9 TO 5 has your back - we wonโ€™t circulate or sell your data, ever.

Q: How can I convince these companies to hire me?

A: Singing telegram? Billboard downtown? Early access to participate in your ICO?

Each company is different, but they all want reliable people who provide value and can learn new things quickly.

Q: How do I know what type of career is right for me?

A: Regular Tarot readings.

Q: I got hired, but Iโ€™m wondering if I should still keep my subscription?

A: Most companies consider the first few months of your time in a role to be โ€˜probationaryโ€™ wherein they evaluate your fit there.

So, yโ€™know, maybe keep your options open?

Q: I got hired and survived probation - how do I end my subscription?

A: All Premium subscriptions are month-to-month. You can cancel any time by emailingย

We would especially like to know if getting hired is the reason for your cancellation, so we can celebrate with you!